The Payment Plan


Geddes Gallery, London
Fabric, wool 

The Payment Plan was realised for a site-specific group exhibition held in a former deli, K.C. Continental Stores, temporarily renamed Geddes Gallery in London. The Italian deli, which was ran by Leo Giordani for five decades until his recent retirement, is located in King’s Cross, an area undergoing intense real estate development.

The work, made out of fabric and wool was hung from the shop’s meat rail and depicted outlines of hands paying with different methods: bartering, cash, card, contactless, and finally, biometric payment. The evolution of paying appears to be running parallel to the transformation of cityscapes into glass structures and clinical shopping experiences. To numb the pain of paying, a psychological term describing the unpleasant feeling of spending money, the action is streamlined and abstracted: the quicker the transaction, the smaller the pain and the larger the amount spent.

With the kind support of The Arts Council of Finland.